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We provide a professional service, taking the time and care to bring you the highest quality cleaning for your garments.

Hydrocarbon Machine:

One of the machine's we use for Dry Cleaning is a Hydrocarbon Machine. This is great to use for delicate garments, leather/suede's and furnishings. We have had fantastic results with the Hydrocarbon Machine with the cleaning of curtains.

Shirt Special:

We provide specials for the launder and press of business shirts.
Bring in 3 or more business shirts (Next day service only) and take advantage of the specials available.



As well as dry cleaning, we also provide a press only service for all garments. (Including evening wear, wedding dresses, bed linen).
Press Only Shirt Special (Next day service only)


*Check your garment/s for care labels. They will tell you how the garment/s can be cleaned.

*Check all the pockets and remove all items.

*Check the garment/s for any stains and tell us what they are and where they are, as it helps us to get them out.

*Check the garment/s for any beading and sequins, delicate items like these need special attention.

Carpet Cleaning Care Products:

SOS Cleaner 500ml ($12.90)
Aerosol Shampoo 600ml ($9.90)
Carpet Shampoo 500ml ($9.90)
Dry Shampoo 500g ($14.90)

 Carpet Cleaning Machine Hire:

The hire of the carpet cleaning machine is FREE for 24hrs when you purchase one of the following products:
5*Shampoo 1litre ($39.90)
EX Shampoo 5litre ($69.90)

Additional costs apply for hire longer then 24hrs and if the machine has not been brought back in a clean condition, a cleaning fee will apply.

Care Labels And Symbols:

We clean and press all garments according to their care labels. Please check that your garment has these care labels.

Some garments may not be Dry Cleaned, maybe not be Washable, and have special requirements in the cleaning process.

It is very important to check that your garment has a care label.

In order to help you understand the care label symbols, please refer to the guide below.


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