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Chehade Bros of North Adelaide provide a clothing repair and alterations service.

Trousers: Services include shortening/lengthening (with/without cuffs), waist-in or letting the waist out, new zips, new lining, re-stitching of hems, re-stitching of seams, repairs to pockets, the best possible work to repair holes, re-stitching of buttons, button replacements,

Jackets: Services include shortening, sides in, sleeves shortening, new zips, new lining, patches on elbows, shoulder pads replace, shoulder pads remove.

Skirts: Services include shorten/lengthening, shorten/lengthening lining, new zips, re-stitch hems, waist-in/waist-out, new elastic.

Dresses: Services include take-in/take-out, shorten/lengthen, shorten/lengthen lining, new lining, new zip, re-stitch hem.

Shirts: Services include shorten sleeves, tacking, shorten length, reverse collar.

Soft Furnishings: We can do minor repairs on soft furnishings, such as fix holes and re-stitching.

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