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Chehade Bros of North Adelaide provides a professional Suit Hire service.

Providing suits for all occasions, including black tie events, functions, weddings, funerals, formals ect... with a large number of suits and accessories.

Suits are also available to buy as well as accessories.

Freemasons Lodge Members please Click Here for information regarding Suit Sales of Dinner Suits and Tails.

Discounts for High School students is available (school ID required)

Suits for young children are also available, styles include Dinner Suit, Lounge Suit, Tails, Madrid.

Please refer to the Suit Hire terms and conditions

Suit Hire List

*Please note all suits come with a shirt and bowtie/tie/cravat if requiredSingle Breasted Black Dinner Suit ($69.00)

Single Breasted Black Dinner Suit ($89.00)

Double Breasted Black Dinner Suit  ($75.00)

Black Linen Look Single Breasted Dinner Suit ($72.00)

Navy Executive Pin Stripe 2 button ($79.00)

Grey Executive Pin Stripe 2 button ($79.00)

White Suit (Various Styles) (from $79.00)

Black Lounge Suit 3 button ($89.00)

Washington ($129.00)

Brazil ($129.00)Stockholm ($140)

Mandarin ($129.00)

Rome 3 button ($129.00)

Madrid 3 button ($129.00)

Black Lounge Suit 2 button w/Pin Stripe Lapel (3 piece) (139.00)

Dark Grey Pin Stripe 4 button (3 piece) ($139.00)

Fawn Suit 4 button (3 piece) ($139.00)

Stockholm ($140)

Morning Tails ($149.00)

Formal Tails ($149.00)Grey Executive Pin Stripe 2 button ($79.00)


Single Item & Accessories Hire List

Dinner Shirt ($25.00)

White/Black Winged Collar Dinner Shirt ($25.00)

Plain White/Black Shirt ($25.00)

Jacket Only (2/3 Cost)

Trousers Only (1/2 Cost)

Black Shoes ($20.00)

Vests ($25.00)Rome 3 button ($129.00)

Top Hats ($20.00)

Bow Ties ($10.00)

Ties ($10.00)

Cravats ($10.00)

Cummerbunds  ($15.00)

Braces ($10.00)


Sales List

New Single Breasted Black Dinner Suit ($330)Trousers, Shirt, Vest, Cravat combo

Ex-Hire Single Breasted Black Dinner Suit (from $180)

New Double Breasted Black Dinner Suit ($345)

Ex-Hire Double Breasted Black Dinner Suit (from $180)

New Formal Tails ($690)

Dinner Shirt (from $55 for all shirts)

Winged Collar Shirt

Plain White/Black Shirt

Bow Ties (from $14.95)

Ties (From 24.95)Madrid 3 button ($129.00)

Braces (From $20.00)

Cummerbunds (From $20.00)


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