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The cleaning of curtains is a long and delicate process, a lot of factors need to be considered when cleaning the curtains.

There are many different types of curtains, some have lining while others do not, the fabrics are different and require a certain process.

Some curtains might not be dry cleanable, however we are able to launder them as we have the proper machines for large items.

Some factors which need to be considered before cleaning:

Always check that your curtains have a care label.

 If you had them made you should check how that material can be cleaned. We cannot take any responsibility in the cleaning of curtains that do not have care labels, it must be at your own risk.

Always try and keep your curtains in good condition, remove access dust regularly.

Sun damage can weaken the fabric of the curtains and cause colour loss, we always take every precaution when dealing with weaken fabric.

Most curtains will shrink in the cleaning process, this usually appears on the care label. You might expect up to 5% shrinkage after cleaning, this cannot be avoided.


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