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Wedding Gowns

The cleaning of wedding gowns is a very delicate and long process, a lot of time and work goes into the cleaning of the dress. A lot of factors play a part in the cleaning process and a lot has to be put into consideration.

Before you bring your dress in, if you had it bought you should check for a care label, as we follow these instructions. If it does not, you should contact where you purchased it from and get the cleaning instructions. If you had the dress made, they should have put a care label with the dress or given you the information, if not please contact them about it.

It is important if the dress is beaded that you find out what type of beads they are, some types of beads can melt in the dry cleaning process. You should also check if the beads have been glued on or sewed on, if they have been glued, the glue may melt away.

Please take note of all the stains on the dress, and show us where they are and what they could be. The more information we have, the better we can do with the cleaning process. There is a lot that gets done before the dress goes into the machine, spot cleaning gets done first to ensure the stains will come out.

Pricing for wedding gowns starts at $185.00 (not including GST), the total cost will depend on whether the dress has a train, what fabric it is (silk, satin, ect), whether it has any beading and sequins, what style of dress it is (full dress, straight, ect) and how badly soiled it is.

After the cleaning of the dress, we ask that you come and view the dress and see how it has come up.

After the dress has been viewed and you are happy with it, we provide a free boxing service as well, this procedure will allow you to keep your dress safely boxed up and allow you to view it. We use acid free tissue paper to preserve the dress, and we have two sizes of boxes depending on the size of the wedding gown. 

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